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Here I am with Senators John Marty and Mary Kunesh at the Water Protectors' rally against Line 3 on August 25, 2021. It's a great honor to serve District 45!

Why I'm running...again

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Having served in the legislature for many years, some have asked why I'm running for state senate again in 2022. My answer: Is the work done yet? 

What we do at the Capitol might seem obscure, but it truly impacts the quality of life we share in Minnesota. I love serving in the state senate because it allows me to help people--really help them--in the ways that matter most in their lives.


And, let's be honest, I'm good at it. Whether we have Democratic, Republican, or divided control at the Capitol, I have the experience, expertise, and drive necessary to get things done for district 45. 

So why am I running again? Better to ask, Are our voting rights protected? Do all Minnesotans enjoy full equity? Does everyone pay their fair share of taxes? Does every family in my district have health insurance? Are our schools adequately funded? Have we solved gun violence and the housing shortage, protected the environment, reformed the police and criminal justice system? Until the answer to all those questions is "yes," I will remain passionate about working for you in the MN State Senate. I hope you will join my campaign!

In your service,


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