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Campaign Contributions


Contributions are welcome to support Ann's 2022 campaign. The first $50 contribution from an individual, $100 from a married couple, is eligible for a refund. Contributors will be sent a receipt and a form to use to apply for the refund.

The maximum aggregate contribution from any individual during the 2021-2022 election cycle for the Minnesota Senate is $1,000. Contributions from registered lobbyists and PACs are not allowed during the Legislative Session. 

Individuals may contribute online or by check. To contribute online, please click the red "Give Online" button below. Online gifts are processed through ActBlue.

If you send a check through the mail, please provide your name, address, and employer. Contributions through the mail should be sent to:


Ann Rest for Senate
3515 Hillsboro Ave N
New Hope  MN  55427

Whiz Bang 2016.JPG

To contribute online, click the red button. 

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