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Senator Rest is endorsed, supported or recognized by the following organizations for re-election to the Minnesota Senate in 2022:

DFL Senior Caucus.png

This endorsement comes from your "support of issues important to seniors and the next generations, as well as the broader communities in which we live.

March 25, 2022


This endorsement comes from "your exceptionally high lifetime vote score in support of state professional employees, particularly in the areas of government finance, labor issues, state employee contracts, and working families."     January 28, 2022

"Minnesota trade unionists have placed their trust and confidence in you. Union members will be informed that you deserve support and that they can count on you to advocate for working Minnesotans."    July 28, 2022

"We look forward to supporting your work as an SEIU-Endorsed Candidate, as we work collectively to improve the lives of all Minnesotans."    July 5, 2022

"We look forward to working with you on behalf of Minnesota’s public schools and students. "  July 22, 2022

"Local 110 is impressed with your commitment to supporting the jobs that employ our members and provide a family-sustaining lifestyle with quality healthcare and a secure retirement. "  July 28, 2022

"We’re really excited about supporting your candidacy for MN State Legislature.

Our members are proud to support you."

    August 1, 2022


Endorsed September 7, 2022


We thank "you for your actions demonstrating a commitment to the success of the industry."

October 24, 2022


Protecting access to the ballot is a key component to
protecting our democracy. 

May 27, 2022

Endorsed at DFL SD43 Convention - first ballot. April 9, 2022


In Recognition of support for RCV     May 26, 2022

White Endorsement Seal.png

“…This endorsement is based on your 100% voting record on reproductive and sexual health care issues….

March 16, 2022

This endorsement comes from "your superb voting record .. on environmental and conversation issues."   June 23, 2022

"Thank you for your dedication to issues that are important to nurses, patients, and working families. We look forward to working with you in 2022 and beyond."     July 5, 2022

"We appreciate ... your past
leadership on environmental issues. We look forward to working with you in the legislature to protect our health and environment."     July 5, 2022

"...we are fighting to protect reproductive rights ... [and] building on the energy to elect a government that represents Minnesotans across the state."   March 30, 2022

"We appreciate your continued support and presence representing the goals and issues of our students and our members..."    July 11, 2022


"We are excited to endorse Ann Rest to continue supporting caregivers and quality care ... wherever that care is provided." July 1, 2022

"Ann understands what it takes to grow Minnesota in today’s challenging economy. This endorsement reflects her
willingness to support Minnesota employers and employees in District 43 and around the state.”          Septem,ber 1, 2022

Action Network Logo.jpg

"Thank you for your support of Minnesota's clean water!"

October 4, 2022

Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 4.33.58 PM.png

Named Legislator with Distinction                   July 25, 2022


Senator Rest supports "our
members, their jobs, and working people who want to have an increased voice at the
local, state, and federal levels of government." August 17, 2022

"We are pleased to inform you that the Sierra Club has endorsed your candidacy for the Minnesota Legislature, in appreciation of your outstanding commitment to protecting the environment."

   July 24, 2022

Screen Shot 2022-10-31 at 7.58.15 PM.png

Endorsed October 14, 2022

"You are a strong advocate for the men and women of the building trades and will stand up for important issues facing us." 

October 19, 2022

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