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Ann's Recent Statements

Senator Rest publishes news releases from her office that refer to her legislation or work at the legislature and in the community.  Her most recent statements are posted below. If you would like to subscribe to automatically receive press releases directly from her office, click here.

Senator Rest was Appointed to Great Lakes Commission & Legislative Audit Commission

Majority Leader Senator Kari Dziedzic (District 60) announced that Senator Rest has been reappointed to the Great Lakes Commission and the Legislative Audit Commission.


The bi-national Great Lakes Commission is comprised of five members from each of the Great Lake’s states and the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Minnesota is unique in that four of its commissioners are legislators. PCA Commissioner Katrina Kessler, appointed by the governor, chairs the Delegation. Senator Karin Housely (District 33) is newly appointed.  Both Senator Rest and Senator Housely are members of the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Legislative Caucus. Senator Rest is a founding member of the GLLC and has served as the caucus chair.


Senator Rest also continues as a member of the Legislative Audit Commission, a joint commission comprised of 12 legislators, six senators and six representatives, equally divided among Democrats and Republicans. Senator Rest is joined by Senator Scott Dibble (District 61) and Senator Tou Xiong (District 44). Republican senators are Senators Calvin Bahr (District 31), Steve Drazkowski (District 20) and Mark Koran (District 28). The commission elects its own officers, rotating between the House and the Senate.  For 2023-24, the chair will be a member of the House. The LAC is charged with directing and overseeing the work of the Legislative Auditor Judy Randall who is appointed by the LAC. The OLA conducts program evaluations on a variety of topics as well as financial audits of state agencies and special reviews.

SF 25 Conformity Bill

January 11, 2023

Minnesota tax policy with recent federal tax policy changes passed the Senate unanimously Wednesday, January 11. SF 25, authored by Senator Ann Rest, DFL-New Hope, will allow individual tax filers and businesses to take advantage of federal tax law changes since 2018, including provisions related to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). The bill is expected to provide more than $100 million in tax savings. Signed into law January 13, 2023. 

CCX Media Communication: Newsmakers: Senator Ann Rest explains why tax bill passage makes her optimistic watch video here

League Honors 18 MN Lawmakers as 2022 Legislators of Distinction

July 25, 2022

The League of Minnesota Cities has selected nine members of the Minnesota House of Representatives and nine state senators as Legislators of Distinction for 2022. The honor recognizes legislators for specific actions that aided the efforts of Minnesota cities during this year’s legislative session. Legislators of Distinction are annually approved by the League’s Board of Directors to recognize that in order to successfully serve commonly shared constituents, state and city officials must work together to meet the unique needs of rural, suburban, and urban residents all across Minnesota. 

Senator Rest was re-appointed to the State Capitol Preservation Commission

October 18, 2021

Senator Ann Rest (DFL-New Hope) has been re-appointed to the State Capitol Preservation Commission by Senate DFL Leader Melisa López Franzen. The State Capitol Preservation Commission was formed in 2011 by statute to develop a comprehensive, multi-year plan for the restoration, preservation, and maintenance of the Minnesota State Capitol. The commission is comprised of 22 members that include legislative leadership, the governor, and four public citizens. “I have served on this commission since its beginning and I look forward to continuing the work in overseeing the preservation of the historic significance of the Capitol and staying true to the vision of its architect, Cass Gilbert,” said Sen. Rest. “As stewards of his legacy, we must also keep up to date in the technology and functionality of a modern government building.”

Senator Rest appointed to serve on the Tax Expenditure Review Commission

September 28, 2021

This year the Legislature has established a Tax Expenditure Review Commission to review Minnesota’s tax expenditures and evaluate their effectiveness and fiscal impact to the state. 

Senator Ann Rest (DFL-New Hope) was appointed by DFL Senate Leader Melisa López Franzen to serve on the commission. Senator Rest is the ranking Senator DFL member for the Senate Tax Committee.

“This commission is our opportunity to continue being fiscally responsible by having our tax expenditures reviewed,” said Senator Rest. “There are more than 300 such expenditures written into Minnesota law, many of which have not been revisited for years. Keep in mind that tax expenditures are tax relief for taxpayers.”

To improve fiscal responsibility within Minnesota’s state budget, the new Tax Expenditure Review Commission will hold public hearings on select expenditures each year and issue a report by December 1, beginning in 2022. In addition, all new legislation establishing new tax expenditures must sunset after eight years. 

A list of Minnesota’s current tax expenditures may be found in the Tax Expenditure Budget Report at:

A Call for Civility from your MN Senate District 45 Legislators

August 19, 2021


The welfare of our children is a priority for all of us, especially now, as we enter the third academic year of the COVID pandemic. Parents, educators, community leaders – all of us have a responsibility and the choice to be thoughtful and patient role models for our children as the challenges of the pandemic linger and the crisis does not seem to fade.


Children need to see adults with differing views working together to address serious challenges in a calm and respectful fashion. They depend on adults to provide the healthiest learning environment possible for every student.

We say this not only as elected officials but as parents ourselves of either current or former District 281 students.


As we prepare for another school year under the cloud of COVID, we urge our constituents to choose civil dialogue, trust, unity, and kindness. 


Your MN Senate District 45 legislators:

Senator Ann Rest

Representative Cedrick Frazier

Representative Mike Freiberg

Letter to the Editor Re: Guns on State Fairgrounds

As published in the Star Tribune and the Sun Post

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Letter to the Editor:

Having enjoyed many decades of wonderful experiences at The Great Minnesota Get-Together, we are deeply concerned about the lawsuit brought by the MN Gun Owners Caucus demanding that permit holders be allowed to carry firearms on the grounds of the Minnesota State Fair. The idea that anyone would be “safer” if people carried loaded guns among a crowd of hundreds of thousands is as ridiculous as it is dangerous. Think back to the 2019 Minnesota State Fair, when a triple shooting outside the front gate left three people wounded and put hundreds leaving the fairgrounds at risk. Imagine how much more deadly that incident would have been if others in the crowd had pulled out guns and started shooting too.

No one would be safer if guns are allowed at the State Fair: not elected leaders, dairy princesses, mini donut vendors, marching bands, blue-ribbon bakers, young couples on the Ferris wheel, 4-H kids sleeping in the barn aisles, or parents pushing double strollers through the crowd. Especially not good guys with guns--or the State Fair police. How could they tell who was a “good guy” in the chaos of a shooting?

It will be up to the court to determine whether the Minnesota State Fair is a public property where permit holders can carry firearms as defined by the Minnesota state statute. But if the MN Gun Owners Caucus prevails, we are committed to organizing our colleagues at the Capitol and gun reform advocates across the state to get the law changed next legislative session. The vast majority of Minnesotans are appalled that civilians can carry guns at public places like the State Capitol and the Minnesota Zoo. The State Fair would be the last straw. If it happens in 2021, we will work to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

The state legislators from SD45:

Senator Ann Rest

Rep. Mike Frieberg

Rep. Cedrick Frazier

Senator Rest thanks former Commissioner Laura Bishop

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – Laura Bishop resigned from her post as the Commissioner of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) on July 6. Following her resignation announcement, Senator Ann Rest (DFL-New Hope) has released this statement:


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Laura Bishop for her hard work as the Commissioner of the MPCA, but also for her leadership as the chair of the Minnesota delegation to the Great Lakes Commission. As a Great Lakes Commissioner from the Minnesota Senate along with Senator Carrie Ruud, I have seen firsthand Laura’s bipartisan work in ensuring the vital resource of the Great Lakes is protected and her work toward climate resilience polices for all the Great Lakes states and Canadian provinces represented on the Commission.”


“Laura has also worked with communities across this state to develop innovative, community-centered approaches that protect Minnesota’s waters and environment for generations to come. Her visionary leadership is a testament to the legacy she leaves behind.”

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