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Ann believes that quality public education is a solution to Minnesota's most serious problems, including racial and economic disparities, community violence, and depressed economic growth.


Ann supports:

  • significantly increased state funding for public schools.

  • universal preschool, afterschool, ELS, and remedial programs for Minnesota families.

  • increased state efforts to recruit, train, and support African American, Native American, and other teachers of color.

  • policies prohibiting the suspension from school of preschool and early elementary-age children.

  • mask mandates for all students, staff and visitors when inside on school property, as advised by the Minnesota Department of Health and the CDC.

  • increased state funding for school counselors, social workers, anti-violence and anti-bullying programs.

  • current language in Minnesota's constitution stipulating that the legislature must establish a general and uniform system of public schools.

Children in Library
  • investment in public higher education throughout the state including recruiting and retaining world class teaching and research faculty,  supporting students through scholarships, grants and loans, and constructing and maintaining buildings and infrastructure.


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