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Climate Crisis

Ann has worked to protect Minnesota's water, land and air since her earliest days in the legislature. She has focused on climate resilience through the Great Lakes Legislative Caucus and the Great Lakes Commission. The climate crisis makes these efforts more critical than ever.


Ann supports:

  • policies that will reduce Minnesota's reliance on fossil fuels and encourage the development of clean alternate energy technologies in our state, including a carbon tax.

  • efforts to prevent the completion of Line 3 until environmental and tribal concerns have been addressed and court challenges settled.

  • a ban on copper-sulfide mining in Minnesota.

  • legislation to reduce the serious risks posed by crude oil tanker trains passing through our communities.

  • increased investment in the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, especially in its development of clean car standards.

  • programs reducing the threats of aquatic invasive species and fish diseases in the Great Lakes and Minnesota lakes and rivers.


  • banning toxic chemicals in children’s health products.


  • testing municipal water systems for lead and providing school districts and homeowners with remediation support.

  • efforts to eliminate PFAs resulting from industrial pollution from MN water systems.

  • President Biden’s 30 x 30 Vision -- a new, more inclusive model for science-based, locally driven conservation of lands, inland waters, and ocean areas.

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