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Healthcare Worker

Health Care and Public Health

Ann believes health care is a basic human right and that we have a special obligation to protect children, seniors, and those most vulnerable in our community.


Ann supports:

  • mask mandates in schools and indoor events during the COVID pandemic. She also supports Pres. Biden's vaccine mandate and urges every eligible Minnesotan to get vaccinated.

  • Medicare for All as one option available to Minnesotans, so that that everyone has access to affordable, quality health insurance.

  • controlling the cost of insulin and other prescription drugs, because no one should have to ration live-saving medications.

  • affordable and accessible reproductive health services, including safe and legal abortion.

  • the passage of strong, sensible gun laws to reduce gun violence and gun suicide.

  • increased state investment in public health programs, especially those focused on suicide, prescription drug abuse, and community violence prevention.

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