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Quality of Life

Minnesota is a wonderful place to live and Ann wants everyone to share in its many opportunities, regardless of race, religion, age, abilities, sexual orientation or gender expression. 


Ann supports:

  • $15.00 minimum wage for all workers, including the disabled and those who care for people with disabilities.

  • paid family leave and affordable child care.

  • equal protection in all aspects of life and work for members of the LBGTQA community, including banning "conversion therapy."

  • policies that protect seniors in care settings and in their independent housing choices.

  • allowing every Minnesotan, including undocumented immigrants, to get a driver's license if they otherwise qualify. 

  • comprehensive police and criminal justice reform.

  • increased state investment in infrastructure to increase workforce affordable housing and a multi-modal public transportation system, including the Blue Line Extension LRT and bus rapid transit on Hwy 55.

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